I think Anwar Ibrahim is the Sole Cause of the Current Instability

May 18, 2009

I think Anwar Ibrahim is the Sole Cause of the Current Instability

Salaam to all,

I am Shinah, a self-initiated and self--apponted reasearcher in global politics and the HIDDEN GLOBAL AGENDA of today's economics and geo-political events.

1. If one follows closely the speeches made by Anwar overseas as an advocator of "Islam Liberal' or "Islam Moderate', and his unusually close liaison and consultations with the 'hidden hands' (Tun M. calls it "They" ) in Washington, one would NOT at all be surprised with the 'current waves' happening in PAS and Perak for that matter.

2. The event in Perak was highly predictable ......a CIA-style strategy.
CIA....NED..one and the same.

It is not a conincidence that Anwar works hand in hand with NED, and financially supported (generously) by NED. To name a few.

3. (Only the MOSSAD-style "false-flag' mode is not seen yet)

4. Read the 900-page book: The International Jew, by Henry Ford, written around 1920-1921.

5. Read also "The WORLD CONQUEST: Through World Jewish Government', translated by Victor E. Marsden. (Protocols of the Meetings of the Elders of ZION). (219 pages)...surely you can read this one!)

6. okay, if you REALLY don't want to read and get facts, then Watch the documentary (you-tube I have sent earlier) about ROTHSCHILD. The elder Rothschild once said: 'Let me control the nation's money, I care not how it is run....."

7. Chaos..petty bickerings, lawyers fighting one another., colour T-shirts, riots, street demonstrations, hiring "gansters" to create street demos, "rent- a mob".., ....one purpose..to get the nation LOST in the woods, and fail to see the BIG picture, and too busy to build the nation. Typical classic CIA-style methodology. THanks, Anwar. My children will remember you in a "nice" way.

8. "DIVIDE AND CONQUER." That, indeed is what Anwar and his mentors in Washington, sought to do in the past 2-3 years. (Wrong...10 years).

Yes, in line, indeed with the centuries-old "advice" of the Elders o f ZION. Anwar fell for it. But then, Rewards are tied to dancing to their tune, of course. Who cares if future Malaysian generations (yes your children and grandchildren no longer enjoy the peace and wealth of the nation's vast resources).

9. Yes, ...the CIA-NED- Washington strategy, mediated and executed via their "local" puppets..............DIVID

E the Malays (like they have never been divided before in history), divide their votes (create PKR), stir up inter-racial conflicts, create issues out of nowhere, create and confabulate stories(and repeat the story over and over...CNN, MSN-BC-, New-York Times-style) to demonise the leaders of the nation (that they want to take over), based on hearsay, falsehood and 'doctored' photos (yes, I AM talking about Altantuya issue, and I had seen the ludicrous 'doctored' photos.).

Same modus operandi s "Iraq has weapons of Massive destruction" storyline. Heard that before?

You can certainly share my opinons with others. Thanks for reading.


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