I think china or Taiwan is more welcoming for you right?

Sep 19, 2013
To chauvinistic Chinese first, malaysian second,why don’t you apply to migrate to Taiwan or singapore.Easier for all.You get all your mandarin education 8-6, listen to mandarin songs,watch mandarin tv show,read all mandarin news papers,and get to be treated fairly as Chinese.Senangkan.Well since you can name me Chinese dynasties better than the malaysia history,you know the chin shi wang, tang ming wang,Kang xi,wu ze tian better than sultan Iskandar shah,sultan Mahmoud shah,tunku Ali of Terengganu,the first women sultan in acheh
I think china or Taiwan is more welcoming for you right.Why fight for the chauvinistic system that benefits your race against the other so badly when you can have a better option for you? Even minutes of your own language period also can become an issue.Do you know what is the national language of malaysia? Malaysian first my xxx.Don’t abuse ‘Malaysian first’ phase You don’t even know what it means.There are priorities of all the various identities we have.Your identity could be national,cultural,religion,ethnicity,locality,preference etc,and how you prioritize them should really depends on how much emphasis you are giving these identity in your thought process,actions,routine,believe etc.In malaysia,I am malaysian first,Kedahan second,sungai petanite third,Hokkien fourth,then Chinese fifth.I think a whole lot of you are the other way round.Terbalik.Akui je la
TD: Kalau tak boleh tolak ansur, tolak diri kesebelah seberang tambak senang...


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