Descend of Isa A.S

Jan 29, 2010

Dajjal Laknatullah will be furious for his incapacity to kill this man. He will throw him into his hell which infact will turned to a paradise by the will of Allah. Accordingly dajal will lose hi power to revive the dead and his pseudo-miracles will fortunately end and his end would be nigh.

Consequently Imam Mahdi will be much informed on al-dajal, he would proceed to Damas and preparing his army by supplying arms to them , so as to confront dajal and his army. Being utterly disappointed, dajal would live Madinah to Syria . Imam Mahdi would be still busy in preparing his army that Allah will send Isa (a.s) for the total deliverance of the Muslims. Allah will sen Isa a.s son of Mariam, who will descend on white eastern minaret of Damacus. he will be clad in two saffron colored sheets of cloth and e resting his hands on the arms of two angels. When he will bend his head it will appears as if drops of water trickling down there from and when he will raise his head it will be as if silver pearls are falling therefrom.

While Imam Mahdi is going forward to lead the people in prayer, Isa a.s will descend and will call out , 'Ladder'. A ladder will then be brought to him that he may descend from the minaret. Isa a.s will be most warmly welcome by Mahdi and the Muslims as a whole. The Imam will step back, to let Isa a.s to lead the people in prayer. but Isa a.s will place his hand between the man's shoulders (meaning Imam Mahdi's shoulders) and say "Go forward and lead the prayer for the Iqamah was made for you. So Imam Mahdi will lead the people in Prayer.

The Prophet sad :
"How will you (The Muslims) be when the son of Mary (Isa a.s) will come down amongst you , and your Imam will come from among you?"

Imam Mahdi will lead the prayer behind whom Isa a.s will pray thus the Prophet Isa a.s will show his example that he is follower of Muhammad S.A.W

TD: so what is now happening In Malaysia is: the new hidden agenda by the Jews to ruin Muslim and Christian relationship.

In other words, they want to conquer our land, mind & economy by creating hatred and war among us. So guys, do not panic and don't fight with each other about this matter. We should get together and discuss it to the next level

Can somebody think why suddenly out of nowhere this sensitive issue is brought out?

There is no religion in this world which promotes its follower to fight or to do bad things... am I right? Please correct me if I'm wrong?

Please Do not do anything stupid y’all!

to be continued-